Using the following link you will be able to enter the system, register your attendance, register their papers and make their payments. Please, follow the next link to complete your registration:

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Fees (Prices in COP$, 1USD ~= 3.500 COP$) :

CategoryEarly Fee
until May 16th
After May 16th
R1 – Author IEEE member$295.000$365.000
R2 – Author non IEEE member$360.000$430.000
R3 – Attender IEEE member$35.000$40.000
R4 – Attender IEEE non-member$55.000$65.000
R5 – Student posters session IEEE member$60.000$60.000
  • All of the above fees include admission to all tutorials and activities, technical sessions, as well as one copy of the proceedings.
  • Student registration is the same for IEEE Life member registration.